60 Min Thetahealing Session

60 Min Thetahealing Session

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1 hour session. Through Zoom. If it's your first session please watch the first video on my website to practice kinesiology. Make sure you are HYDRATED! 

  Once your purchase, click the link below to schedule your session!


  • Cancelation Policy

    If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment there will not be a refund. If you cancel before 48 hours of your appointment you can reschedule once, or get a full refund. 


Samantha, Tutor and Yoga Instructor

From the moment my meditation began, Ava’s voice, combined with a beautiful frequency, put my body at ease. I was able to fully let go and let the meditation work wonders on my subconscious mind. After one day, I do notice a shift in my perspective. I cannot recommend her enough.  

Alia Sobel, life coach and creator of the "Two Word Story" mantra movement

  Ava Nicole’s meditation is literally THE FUCKING BEST! I have never met a more passionate, exploratory, healing meditation before.  She transcends you into a peaceful place & you come out feeling so clear.  Be sure to journal after to capture all the goodness you discover from within.

Blake Anthony, Real Estate Broker

After just one week of using my meditation daily, I started being much more relaxed. Able to juggle my busy days and multiple business deals with ease. I Also have been acquiring larger listings much more often. I will be contacting Ava Nicole for another one!

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