Retrograde Summertime Madness

A HUGE retrograde season is upon us, however knowing what the energies do will help you recognize and have discernment between your energy and the chaotic planetary influences. I have included all the retrograde dates and how they will affect us as well as a mantra for each one, to help ease and control your life. Knowing what houses each planet is in going by your ascendant sign as your first house will help you asses which specific areas they will affect your life in.

Pluto in Capricorn retrograde (5/26-10/3) affects us as an entire collective, making the overall underlying energy. This will be urging humanity to look for creative ways to keep the economy flowing. Finding hidden resources that we can use to transform this era for the better, and help us to rise out of the ashes. Slowing us down to see solutions. Use this mantra to utilize this in your life: I hear the solutions I cannot see.

Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde (5/12-9/29) This social planet has some tough retrogrades. Saturn wants you to learn hard lessons to be better, not worse. Try not to give into the urges to knit pit people you work with or even people close to you about their work ethic. Use this time to tie up loose ends on projects you’ve been procrastinating on. Focus on creating structure and tending to your own responsibilities. Deadlines will seem like they have more pressure, but what’s the rush? The economy is going to be slow for awhile. Older or more mature men in your life may seem extra strict or grumpy- show them mercy. Use this mantra to work WITH this energy: I am resilient and I CAN

Venus in Gemini Retrograde (5/14-6/25) Communicating your love and feelings will be misunderstood. Your languages of love to each other may seem somehow foreign, even if you have the type of relationship that was bound by the Gods. Leaving you even feeling a bit insecure. Avoid doing spontaneous beauty or body updates. Its not a time to chop or color your hair just cuz you suddenly got a bug up your ass to get lip injections. Avoid any major relationship decisions, breakups, divorce or entering a new relationship, your typical love goggles aren’t on right. Use this mantra to work with this energy: I am unconditional love, I FEEL the beauty in my flaws.

Jupiter in Capricorn Retrograde (5/15-9/12) Although Jupiter is the weakest in Cap, it may feel as though your good luck has run out. It hasn’t, it just may be on pause. Rather than things working out FOR you, you will still feel protected from things happening to you. Check what house Jupiter is in, what house is Capricorn in your birth chart, will tell you what area you’re most affected by this retrograde. Be your own guru during this time, and go inward for profound answers on how Covid is helping you grow for the better. In what ways can you be a better person? Use this mantra to connect to your higher self : I am building good karma daily, I feel my spiritual growth.

Mercury in Cancer Retrograde (6/18-7/12) Feeling much more emotional about what is said to us or what we want to say; crying at least once is highly likely even if you’re a pitbull. Don’t throw your phone just because it acts up and your can’t post on IG for a day. All forms of communication, uber, navigation, websites, social media has a tendency to act up. An urge to meet or talk to people you typically wouldn’t may happen, new friendships or relations during this time don’t last. Forgive yourself and move on. What's meant for you is always for you. Use this mantra in solitude: This shall pass, I see my emotions and I control them.

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde (6/22-11/28) As a collective we may realize some harsh truths as a whole; country, global scale. Like we aren’t already doing that with this pandemic right? More people may get prescribed anti-depression pills or self medicate with drugs & alcohol. Avoid toxic behavior, listen more to your dreams and subconscious mind; what is it saying? What are the repeated patterns of your thoughts? Should you listen to them? What do you lie to yourself about? Use this mantra to stay balanced: I see through all illusions, and transform what I don’t like with love.

Uranus in Taurus Retrograde (8/16-1/15/21) Overall we all may have an urge to be someone else. Connecting more to the sides of you that you typically don’t take out in public. Maybe not caring as much about what other people will think of you. You even want to spend more time alone just to be more comfortable with yourself & embrace your odd ball traits. Being more attracted to eccentric people. Embrace the weirdness just don’t go overboard like having a midlife crisis and suddenly breakup, change your hair color move to a different country and take up an entirely new career doing something you’ve only even read about once. Use this mantra: I embrace my eccentricity, while feeling balanced.

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