New Moon in Gemini- Pick a Tarot Card & Get Insights

Our Luna Luxe Soul Hood is canceling the event tonight to go inward ourselves and utilize this energy to better serve you for our next upcoming events 🌹🧘🏽‍♀️ Next full moon we ON! May the source be with you!!!

New moon in Gemini, Venus Retrograde, Mercury, & the Sun all in Gemini ! The need for Communication is strong. Especially expressing pent up emotions or issues in your relationship that have been suppressed, it is time to let it out!

Use this new moon to write out things you’ve been wanting to say, before you say them. With all the retrogrades & Covid everyone is extra sensitive, on edge and saying things the wrong way could lead to damage not a solution. It’s also a great time to create a plan of action for how to rev up your website, podcast, YouTube, social media, sales pitch, marketing plan etc.

Manifest on how using this energy can better communicate what your do, who you are or what you’re selling. If you’re in between careers, or need a new source of income due to these unsettling times; meditate and pray or ask your guides to help you find your new path, and write down everything that comes to mind.

Doing some deep inner work right now will give you incredible answers! I have pulled 3 major arcana cards that the collective consciousness needs most during this time. Pick which one resonates with you most,

than do the meditation below for that particular card:

WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Take a deep, Slow breath and think about your life just now. Are you feeling a disturbance or pressure? This pressure is the serpent of transformation nibbling at your heels, urging you to change. What would this transformation look? If you are uncertain, address the snake and ask him directly; he’s more approachable than his reputation suggests. When you have understood his advice, thank him and return to normal consciousness.

JUDGEMENT: Take a deep, slow breath and discover that in your lap you are holding a large, golden trumpet. Raise it to your lips tentatively and blow. Your breath activates some magic inside the instrument the sound that comes out is huge, magnificent, awe-inspiring. Take a closer look and realize this Trumpet is actually your own life. The part of you that is blowing it is your Higher Self and the sound issuing from the trumpet is a particular truth that can only be expressed through your life. Spend some time appreciating the uniqueness of the life you were living and how it contributes to the Divine Symphony that is going on all around us, all the time. When you are ready, return to normal consciousness.

THE DEVIL: Take a deep slow breath and discover that you are chained to a stone pedestal. Standing above you on the platform, clutching the other end of the chain, is a figure that represents a deeply held beliefs that holds you enslaved. Sit with this cherished belief and the chain by which it binds you. Acknowledge the attractive power of the believe, the security of the chain, and what it means to you to be chained. Can you escape this Bondage? What would it feel like to be free? If you are ready, remove the chain that holds you; then return to normal consciousness.

Feel free to message me with any questions, or book a healing session.

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