How you can reset and instantly cleanse your energy. My personal magical ritual.

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

If you're feeling uninspired, warn down, just plain blah or are absorbing negative energy, this could also be blocking your abundance. As a spiritually enlightened person we know that our vibration is everything, yet why is it so hard to control or maintain? I struggled with this a lot before I became an advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner. Im going to share with you my personal ritual I always used to do to cleanse, clear and reset. This ritual you can do at home to get your auric field shiny and in high vibration again. Ingredients : 1 black candle, 1 white candle, Himalayan salt (if you have a bathtub), Florida water, 1 tourmaline stone, 1 selenite, sage or palo santo, a timer - your phone has one.

So first your going to want to cleanse your space using either sage or palo santo, before lighting the candles invoke, " Creator of all that is surround me with your love healing white light, I call upon (whatever angels & guides you want) to guide and protect me, using this black candle with the intentions to clear cancel protect and release any all negative energy, in me, around me or being sent to me across all time space and dimensions, light the candle. Move on to the white candle, and say my intentions with this white candle are to bring it love light and positive energy in and around me, and everything that I do (your' biz, work, social media, kids, relationship, ect.) Poor about a 1/3 cup of the Himalayan salt in the tub and 1/4 cup of Florida water, and get in, if you don't have a tub than just skip to this next step. Turn on a sound bath, you can download one from Itunes or play YouTube. Holding your selenite stone in your right and tourmaline in your left hand, set your timer for 5 min, and do 5 minutes of OM out load, as our own voice is one of the most healing to our bodies. After that set the timer to 3 minutes and proceed with the breathe of fire.

Now that you've just done some super duper cleansing and clearing, its time to manifest! Enjoy the rest of your bath time or meditation, by now focusing on what you want to bring in, focus on the feelings and how you want to feel. Give every important topic to you a few minutes to visualize and FEEL how you want it to be !

Let me know your experience with this and how it worked for you, or feel free to post your personal ritual in the comments below!

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