You know that women who's so sure of herself? She literally has everything.... love, success, money, happiness

Sis, that CAN be you.

The difference between you and her, are beliefs. Life experiences and perspective. That's it. We can fix that easy peasy.

Ever feel like:

  • You are meant to be and have so much more in your life?

  • No matter how hard you try to get what you want, it feels like there is something just not lining up for you?

  • You wish you could always make the best decisions in everything you do?

  • If you could just believe in yourself and have the confidence you need, your life would change?

  • Or you wish you could apply yourself with great motivation and work ethic?

  • There is some blockage holding you back from what you desire, real love, success, happiness, or making more money?

  • Wonder what your niche or life purpose truly is?

  • You wish you could have guidance directly from spirit?


Well than I have a very special offering for you! 







The Total Soul Bootcamp Partnership

12 weeks, 25 one on one intimate hours with me. CUSTOM TAILORED to your personal goals and spiritual needs. This isn't some pre-recorded workshop, or cookie cutter coaching program with the same pillars for each person.


You are the only you, what you have been through and experienced in life, combined with your unique skills, passions and goals cannot be duplicated. Neither will each partnership. Together we will heal the traumas that hold you back, any limiting beliefs standing between you and the women you want to be. We will carve out a plan to accelerate and execute your goals.

You are gonna feel like an entirely different person in the best possible way ever! Like, new life who dis?

I had big dreams, I mean HUGE! I started modeling at 18, I wanted to be an actress, I was actually good at it. However, I did hair because it was smart, the safe move, but really I had low self esteem deep down and didn't believe in myself, so I didn't want to fully try. I Became a mom at 16, dad died at 13, step dad committed suicide. I had PTSD, anxiety, and literally a broken soul. 

Eventually at 26 I did move to LA & make it in some music videos, short films, reality shows, and IMDB, I even was part owners of a salon in Beverly Hills, but nothing could ever last for me. Everything I did crumbled. It was heartbreaking. I couldn't attract a healthy relationship or real love.

I did EMDR therapy, talk therapy, self help books, anything. I know the creator led me to spiritual healing, and that's when I felt the major life changes I was desperately searching for.

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars and years on therapy that didn't work. 

Now days I don't even look like that girl. I am happy and love myself, something I never felt before. Complete. Fulfilled. A boss manifestor!


If I can be happy, confident, in a healthy relationship, successful, anxiety, and prescription pill free, than girlfriend, can and will manifest your life to the greatest potential and more! Quickly!


Everyone around you will notice a huge change....

And truly babe, I got you! I promise you are going to be my next success story... no matter if you want to manifest the love of your life, or your own business. Together we are going to put the work in, dedicate ourselves to the most powerfully impactful 3 months of your entire life!


You are going to learn how to

Use Spiritual Wellness to manifest your life. We are going to work on your goals, regardless of if they are love or business. Take your entrepreneurship to the next level, OR become a vibrational magnet for your most compatible soul-mate or divine life partner. For rest of your life you will have powerful tools to be the creator of your world.

You are going to stop wasting time making decisions that don't serve you.




  • 1- 60 minute healing session per week, clearing limiting beliefs on a DNA, genetic level

  • 45 minute coaching call per week

  • 1 Custom made meditation just for you, with your name, specific goals and affirmations.


You can buy 2 cups of coffee a day or something that will elevate you indefinitely....


By the end of the partnership you will have:

  • Had MAJOR breakthroughs 

  • Taken your power back

  • Slay all your fears holding you back

  • Be aligned with your souls path

  • Had a complete energetic 360

  • Be better equipped to make clear decisions in all aspects

  • Tapped into your spiritual gifts

  • Cleared limiting beliefs on a soul level, past life, genetic level

This investment will last much longer than botox and filler!



Are you ready for a complete transformation? I literally get a natural high off helping people change their lives and bring out their greatest potential!


I have limited space, because I put so much love and commitment into each partnership. I only work with my soulmate clients who are ready to be 1000% committed too! 


If you resonate with this and are ready to make the smartest investment of your life, drop your info below and we will schedule a 30 minute phone call to see if we are a soul-fit!




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