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How I Can Help You

From Personal Experience

At one point in my life, I was suicidal, had PTSD, anxiety, and took xanax multiple times a day. Today, I am anxiety, PTSD and xanax free. I am a survivor, my dad died when I was 13 and my step-dad hung himself. I had a child at 16. If I can come from all that, to a successful entrepreneur and  spiritual boss ........ trust me when I say, you can too, and I can help you.

How can I help you change your reality?

It is vital  for you to know that every single experience you have is a result of your beliefs: positive or negative programs you have running in your subconscious mind that go as deep as your DNA. Think of the human mind & body as a computer with constant programs running in the background, affecting your every experience. The good news is, through working directly with The Creator, we can rewrite and reprogram your very DNA. 


Not only do we have our own trauma or belief systems which have been created in our current lifetime, we also carry these on from our ancestors, genetics, and past lives.

A healing session with me can: 


* reprogram negative beliefs to positive ones;

* download feelings such as: what it feels like to love yourself, how to love yourself, how to live without depression and loneliness, what it feels like to be a money magnet, how to be a money magnet, etc;  

* clear: curses, soul contracts, bad spirits, and vows or oaths; 

* soul fragment retrieval; 

* 12 strand DNA activation; 

* energetic divorce; 

* release resentment, regret, and rejection, and any trapped emotions or fears holding you back; 

* repair a broken soul; 

* heal a baby in the womb from a stressful pregnancy; 

* and clear and reprogram homes, businesses, and buildings. 

Please feel free to reach out with any needs or questions! 

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My Services

A Distinctive Style

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Usui Shiki Ryoho

Invigorating sessions with clients.

Certifications for new practitioners

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Custom Meditations

Your dreams are unique, you are one of a kind, shouldn't your meditation be?



Reprogram your beliefs on a DNA level instantly!

The Thetahealing Technique(R)

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Total Soul Bootcamp

A partnership taking you from, average to super ascension goal getter, in just 12 weeks! 

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