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Hi, I'm Ava Nicole

Certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as a Basic and Advanced practioner.


How I Can Help You

From Personal Experience

Hello friends ! If you're reading this , then you're on the beautiful path of self healing . Awakening to realize that we can be in control of our lives, but how do we get there ? How do we clear out the habits and patterns of self destruction ? How do we stop attracting wolves in sheep’s clothing ? How do we get healthy ? We know we attract everything around us . We focus on what we want we even visualize , but why don’t we have it ? No matter how much talk therapy or reiki sessions , sound baths , meditation , EMDR therapy , Auahuasca , acupuncture , yoga , there’s still something deep inside you just can’t clear out or get over . 

      If that sounds familiar , you my friend have been heavenly guided to point of recreation . Yes , completely recreating every area of your life you're struggling with . Because you see , that was me . I did all of that , yet the work seemed never ending , my life only slowly progressed . It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Thetahealing(R) Technique that my heart really started beating again . That my smiles weren’t fake anymore , they were from my heart. 

     The Thetahealing Technique made my life transform eons instantly in each session!  It is time for you too to be free my friend ! 

      We are living in such a critical time here on earth . With a lot of changes and a massive awakening happening , we are starting to vibrate on a higher frequency as a collective consciousness . We are growing out of old limiting ways of thinking , and realizing that we are spirits , we are souls , and we also are accountable for the lives we are creating . Through our loving creator we are given a chance to finally fully heal and be the fresh beacons of light we are created to be ! 

     Book a session today , and let’s start your journey to your true creation ! Xo


My Services

A Distinctive Style

Real client testimonial about her life changes and experience from a Thetahealing session with Ava Nicole
Client Testimonial

The ThetaHealing® Technique

Sessions with me can be booked in person, at Primp and Play, Moorestown NJ. Dont live in the area? Skype and Facetime are also available.Both are equally effective.  As well as fully confidential.


My Reiki sessions

I practice the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system. In my office my Reiki sessions are unique, I start with applying crystals on the chakras', followed by a mini sound bath, than clearing trapped emotions using the Emotion Code Technique, finishing the rest of session re-charging and cleansing your aura with Reiki. Distance Reiki sessions are also available to book.

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My Readings

My main focus is healing, however. I do a custom layout for my readings using multiple decks all at once, which offers a deep view of the situation or energies around you, finishing with a meditation from The 72 Names of God Kabbalah symbols & mediation technology which help you work with the energy. If you don't like what the outcome is, remember we can use the Thetahealing Technique to uncreate and recreate, like instant magic! Readings are fully accurate over the phone as well.


"If you know you're lost, just remember WHO you are"

Ava Nicole



Primp & Play

133 E Main St
Moorestown, NJ 08057

856 437-6119